Steenssen soundbars

The Steenssen soundbar is intended to support and enrich the TV sound. The phenomenal design makes the Steenssen soundbar a true eye-catcher.

In recent years, the well-known TV brands have mainly competed on high definition image quality. As a result, the sound received less attention. In order to be able to play back both image and sound in high quality, you need a sound centre quickly.

The most commonly used name for an all-in sound centre to support TV sound is 'the soundbar'. But in reality there are different types of sound centres available for which the different brands in the market use their own name, such as sound centre, sound base, sound beam or sound plate. 

Steenssen regards the TT GRAND series and the ACTION series as soundplates because a TV can be placed on them. Our AIR series, on the other hand, are, just like the many other sound bars, much flatter and also suitable for hanging on the wall.