Scandinavian design

Award winning Design
Of course, a speaker is first and foremost about the quality of the sound: it must be of an exceptionally high level and fully meet the needs of the most demanding user. But since in many cases a speaker gets a prominent place in a home, the user makes understandable demands on the design of the speaker. And that is precisely where STEENSSEN stands out from other brands: the design and finish are of such a high level that the STEENSSEN speakers are a true feast for the eyes. The speakers are all designed by the award-winning DN design department in Denmark. This department has been classified by IF World Design Guide - a kind of Michelin guide for design - as a Premium Design office and has won more than 80 international design prizes in its history. They in turn ensure that the STEENSSEN speakers are a real eye-catcher and a true enrichment of any interior.

In the video below, Frederick Rickmann, the founder and driving force behind the STEENSSEN brand, gives his vision on sound and design.